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In this article, I share with you some of the latest mangalsutra ring designs. These are great for daily wear pieces, a perfect blend of tradition and modern elements.

If you’re not familiar with of the mangalsutra, below is a brief background.

Mangalsutra is an Indian wedding chain or necklace with black beads. It is a symbol of their marriage. There is a cultural belief that a mangalsutra protects the couple from the “evil eye”.

These mangalsutra necklaces are mostly made with gold, diamond, and traditional black beads. Many women love to wear a mangalsutra on a daily basis but some women seldom wear this piece of jewelry. 

One of the reasons why mangalsutra is not worn regularly is due to our changing lifestyles and outfits.

Mangalsutra was designed to be worn on traditional sarees and salwar suits. Today women no longer just wear traditional clothes daily. Instead, they are found wearing western outfits such as jeans and dresses.

Women in the twenty-first century take a minimalistic approach when it comes to their jewelry. They would wear a nice pair of earrings or a neckpiece, instead of wearing many jewels at once, which ends up looking overdone.

To encourage and enable women to wear their mangalsutra, my mission is to design modern mangalsutras, mangalsutra rings, and mangalsutra bracelets. Women should be able to choose how they would like to wear her mangalsutra.  

Before we get into the mangalsutra ring designs, you should ask yourself these three questions.

Decide if you’ll wear your mangalsutra ring daily or occasionally

The very first thing you need to understand is your mangalsutra use. Will you be wearing it on a daily basis or is this for occasional wear at weddings, family gatherings, festivals or other special occasions?

Depending on your use, the design can be simple or elaborate to match your purpose. In other words, understanding usage will dictate the design.

For example, if you want to wear this daily and if you have kids, you would like something that does not entangle in clothes or hurt your children. The setting of the diamonds and black beads is crucial in this case.

But if you are looking for a mangalsutra ring for special occasions you can opt for a more elaborate. A statement ring would be an ideal choice. Choose a style that compliments your personality. For special occasions, I would recommend trying a ring style that you have not experienced before because that is what makes jewelry fun.

Choose the gold color for your mangalsutra ring

When it comes to fine jewelry, you are not limited to yellow gold or white gold.

You can have your mangalsutra ring in rose gold or even dual-tone.  When you select a dual-tone, you can choose more than one metal color in a ring, if the design allows for it.

For example, if you decide to have white gold and yellow gold in a ring, it becomes more versatile and you can pair it with either white gold or yellow gold jewelry. It also adds extra sparkle and interest in the ring.

Mangalsutra Ring in white gold, Yellow gold, Rose Gold and Dual tone

Think about mangalsutra ring design style  

When you think of a mangalsutra ring, you will have several design styles to consider. Rajwadi, Minimalistic, Art Deco, Victorian, Modern-retro, Ornate are some of the most prominent design styles for you to consider.

Now that you’ve got the fundamentals of mangalsutra ring nailed down, you are ready to explore my favorite mangalsutra ring designs for you to consider for your next purchase.

Pick a diamond mangalsutra ring design 

Infinity Diamond Mangalsutra Ring

This ring is designed with simplicity and elegance. You can wear it daily to work or dinners dates.

It is a comfortable and sturdy piece due to the channel settings of the diamonds and the black beads. This ring will go perfectly well with traditional and western wear. It is a playful yet elegant design.

Infinity mangalsutra ring

Spark Diamond Mangalsutra Ring

This design is created for all of you who love a little bit extra bling. Spark ring is made up of marquise diamonds representing the spark. Arranged in a cluster of three settings intermingled by black beads.

It is a beautiful arrangement and will definitely grab the attention of your family and friends. If you are looking to buy a ring in addition to your engagement ring, I would highly recommend the Spark Mangalsutra ring.

Spark Diamond Mangalsutra Ring

Snuggle Diamond Mangalsutra Ring

This is a ring if you like to try a newer style that you don’t have in your ring collection.

This is a playful and feminine ring that is made up of fancy cut marquise diamonds and black beads. It is a beautiful gesture of snuggle as it hugs around your finger.

A statement ring that is an amazing piece for every special occasion.

Snuggle Diamond Mangalsutra Ring


Wave Diamond Mangalsutra Ring

This is a classic daily wear ring that has grace and style to it. The idea is to have diamonds and black beads create a stunning wave that signifies femininity.

The unique setting does not allow for prongs to break and entangle in the clothes. The two rows also represent the couple and their long-lasting relationship.


Coco Diamond Mangalsutra Ring

Coco ring is a timeless iconic style ring design. This style includes concentric circles of diamond and black beads. This design can be a style statement for you. You can get this in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and combinations or multiple tones. It’s a classic timeless style that can be worn at any age.

Coco Diamond Mangalsutra Ring


Leaf and Twig Diamond Mangalsutra Ring

This is a very modern style but has hints of Indian elements like the leaf shape. The design consists of a triple tone with diamonds and black beads.

It is a stunning ring that is bold and sophisticated. I love how it covers almost one-third of your finger. Definitely one of my favorite designs.

Leaf and Twig Diamond Mangalsutra Ring


Companion Diamond Mangalsutra Ring

Companion ring is designed for a subtle but noteworthy everyday ring.

It has a personal style to it. The ring appears to be two rings but it is actually one ring connected at the back of the ring.

A mangalsutra ring that you can wear daily at work or leisure. It is made with 18K gold, marquise-shaped diamonds, and black beads.  

Companion Diamond Mangalsutra Ring

Crown Diamond Mangalsutra Ring

Crown mangalsutra ring is a creative expression of a woman’s pride and glory.

The ring celebrates marriage as the most important and meaningful relationships of our life.  

The ring design features baguette diamonds and black beads beautifully arranged in the form of a crown.

Crown Diamond Mangalsutra Ring


Passion Diamond Mangalsutra Ring

This design is inspired but the most classic Indian element of a pear leaf. The leaf is made up of smaller diamonds arranged in a clustered setting.

This is a simple yet timeless design for a mangalsutra ring. You can get this ring in white gold, yellow gold or rose gold, based on your personal preference.


Polestar Diamond Mangalsutra Ring

Polestar ring is a design that is simple yet iconic for daily wear. The simple circle form makes it perfect to be able to wear on Indian and western outfits.

This piece was custom design for our client. And we love how this has turned out to be.

A perfect balance of Indian and western elements, this ring is made with 18K white gold, brilliant round diamonds, and black beads.

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I hope you enjoyed learning about our Sampat Jewellers exclusive and original diamond mangalsutra ring mangalsutra designs.

We use natural, real, diamonds with G/H color or higher, VS clarity or higher, and Excellent Cut. We are based in California, USA. Shipping is complimentary and insured your convenience and security.

If you need design assistance, you schedule a complimentary call with our designer using this link.

Also, please share in your comments below on which was your favorite design. I would love to hear from you.

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