modern designer mangalsutra

“Mangalsutra” is a necklace that a groom ties around the bride’s neck when they get married.

It is supposed to be the most auspicious piece of jewelry that a bride will own once she married and is a sign of her marital status.

The mangalsutra designs and styles are based on cultural traditions.

For example, Gujaratis and Marwaris choose a diamond pendant, Maharashtrians wear it with two gold vatis style design.

Modern brides have decided to stay away from mangalsutra from being too traditional.

Many women are starting to opt for modern-style mangalsutras that will emphasize their personality and go with their everyday wear at work or social events.

In this article, I want to share with you unique modern mangalsutra.

Obviously, this would generally apply to the bride-to-be or mangalsutra collector, so if you are not one, feel free to forward this to a friend.

So here we go with some gorgeous trends for the jewelry piece of your lifetime – The Mangalsutra.


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Gold Mangalsutra  

Indian gold mangalsutra has something very special about the sheer quality and purity of gold as a precious metal.

Below is one of our favorite gold pendant design that is very ethnic and timeless.

This is rajwadi style mangalsutra that is made with 18K gold, diamonds and colored pieces of gemstone to give some character.

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Spiritual Mangalsutra

Marriage is a very spiritual time in one’s life. It is an exciting time for the couple.

This is a style that we do not see very much, but it was important to highlight how you one can be creative combine spiritual and personal values for this very important jewelry that signifies the beginning of a new phase in one’s life.

Some ideas can be to add Lord. Ganesh pendant or the idol of the god you believe in.


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Modern Diamond Mangalsutra

Having your mangalsutra versatile which means being modern at the same time preserving traditional elements is what today’s bride is aspiring for.

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This new designer mangalsutra is handcrafted with fancy cut diamonds creating a beautiful arch around the neck. It’s sophisticated and adorable.

Instead of black beads, we have a sparkling white gold chain with three strands to give it a contemporary look.



modern mangalsutra

Some of these designs below, display modern forms with a hint of gold, making it fabulous choice for everyday wear.

Ethnic Diamond Mangalsutra

We understand not everybody has to look modern.

For some of you with ethnic sensibilities might love these two traditional mangalsutra designs in yellow gold and white gold.

It’s floral and delicate style will make it a piece that the generations will fight for.


Traditional Mangalsutra

Designer diamond mangalsutra

Kundan Mangalsutra


kundan mangalsutra


Changeable Gemstone Mangalsutra


Designer mangalsutra

Dual Tone Mangalsutra

Dual tone mean having a pattern mixed with yellow gold and white gold.

Many women often have this problem if you are wearing a gold mangalsutra and with other jewelry, it create a bit of mismatch.

This is especially when your outfit has other white gold elements.

This dual tone mangalsutra is the perfect solution.

The black beads can also be replaced with the dual tone chain to make it more wearable and different. 


Designer mangalsutra

Mangalsutra Bracelets

When we came across these bracelet mangalsutras by Satyug Bracelet Mangalsutra, we had to share it. This might resonate with many of you.

In conclusion, here are key takeaway and useful tips that might help you :

  • Decide if you need mangalsutra that is lightweight or heavy
  • Go for a design that suits your personality
  • Understand if you are going to wear it on a daily basis or just certain occasions
  • Decide on the length of the mangalsutra based on how you plan to wear it
  • Consider buying matching earrings/ bracelet or a finger ring with you mangalsutra to complete the look

We hope these styles were helpful. Do let us know which ones are your favorite by replying it to the email or commenting on our blog.

We always love to hear from you.

If you wish us to design mangalsutra for you, please contact us for custom mangalsutra.

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5 Thoughts on "21 Diamond Mangalsutra Designs You’ll Adore"

  1. Geet
    January 15, 2018

    Hey!!!! Your blog is an earlier fashion of latest Girls. Mangalsutra Bracelet has became statement nowadays really.

  2. Priya Sharma
    April 1, 2020

    Hi Jinal, these are indeed awesome mangalsutra designs and I am really glad I came across this informative piece of information. For a long time, I am looking for the latest mangalsutra design and now my hunt is over. Thanks for sharing and it will be of great help!!

  3. Diamond Engagement Ring White Rock
    January 20, 2021

    This article provides details about the mangalsutra designs you will adore. I enjoyed reading this article and would suggest others it as well. Thank you for this article! This is really very informative for us and look forward to more such in future for all of us.

  4. krupali
    March 3, 2023

    Thank you for sharing such an informative and fantastic blog post. I loved the new designs of the mangalsutra. Can’t wait to buy one. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

  5. Sadhana Singh
    April 29, 2024

    Absolutely loved this blog post on mangalsutra designs! The variety of styles showcased truly highlights how this traditional piece can be both meaningful and fashion-forward. Each design you’ve featured seems to beautifully blend cultural significance with contemporary aesthetics, making them perfect for today’s modern women. I’m particularly fascinated by how each piece reflects a unique aspect of personal style while staying true to its roots. Thank you for sharing these wonderful insights and ideas—it’s refreshing to see such creativity in preserving our traditions!

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