Why should we choose you as preferred jeweler?
Since 1977, our success is dependent on repeat customers and referrals. We’ve never had a retail storefront or a website (until recently), yet we have earned trust of our customers over the years. Our promise is to make the best, one-of-its-kind, handmade diamond jewelry that will bring you joy for years to come! You can read our customer testimonials here.
How can we learn more about your work?
You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Mostly importantly, stay in touch by signing up for our weekly newsletter. We promise not to spam your inbox and will never sell your personal information to any 3rd party.
Tell me a little known fact about you…
2008 was a special year in our lives. Our parents introduced us to each other with an irresistible wedding proposition. And we said “Yes!” We could meet each other because Kunal’s father, Sudhir (SJ founder) had been making diamond jewelry for Jinal’s family and extended family for 18+ years. We are grateful that our family’s business relationship evolved in a personal and lifelong relationship!
Are you registered business?
Yes, we are a registered corporation in the State of California.
Where is the jewelry made?
The jewelry is made at our studio in Mumbai, India. You can check out our artists-at-work here!


Are your diamonds certified?
We carry both certified and non-certified diamonds. Our certified diamonds come with an original GIA certificate. Our diamonds are screened by the founder, Sudhir Sampat. If you are purchasing solitaries (large diamonds greater than 0.50 carat), we recommend you purchase GIA certified diamonds.
What quality diamonds do you use to make jewelry?
We use natural (not lab made) diamonds in our jewelry. The diamonds are G/H color or higher, VS clarity or higher with very good or excellent cut. We also carry jewelry that is certified.
How are diamond prices determined?
The Rapaport Report is the jewelry industry standard for the pricing of diamonds. The report is published weekly and given to jewelers and diamond merchants to set prices for consumers.
Do you offer lab made diamonds?
Currently we do not offer lab made diamonds. All our diamonds are natural diamonds.
Can you make custom jewelry?
Ofcourse – custom diamond jewelry is our core competency. Fill this form and we will email you right back with a custom design options to meet your needs.
How do I know my ring size?
That’s easy. Click here to download the pdf copy of the ring sizer or email us at contact@sampatjewellers.com for a free ring sizer.
Can you re-size my ring?
Yes, we can re-size your ring. The cost is usually $65+ depending on the ring setting and size change.
How should I clean my jewelry?
If you bought your jewelry from us, we offer complimentary yearly cleaning. Complete this form and send it along with your jewelry. The clean jewelry will be returned to you within two weeks of our receipt.
Can you upgrade my diamond ring?
Yes, we can upgrade your diamond. We are happy to make another piece of jewelry from the original diamond. Currently we do not offer buy-back for diamonds that are not purchased from us. Contact us if you wish to discuss your specific situation.
I have heirloom jewelry that was passed down from my family. Can I use it to make custom jewelry?
Yes, we have significant experience in re-purposing heirloom jewelry to make custom jewelry. We understand that that there is significant emotional significance and history with heirloom jewelry. Our artists take great care in ensuring each and every diamond from the heirloom jewelry is carefully removed and re-purposed in your new custom jewelry.


Can I see the jewelry before I buy it?
Yes, you are welcome to set-up an appointment with us to see jewelry. We currently do not have a retail location (low overhead costs for you :). Please call us at +1-408-703-1318 to set-up an appointment.
How do I know if the price of the jewelry is competitive to other jewelers?
We don’t compete with other jewelers on pricing. We offer products that are sustainable, high quality and versatile. We value customer service. And yes, you will be surprised to see our prices competitive (lower) than most jewelers…remember, we don’t have a retail storefront, so we are passing the savings back to you!
How can I request for a quote?
Fill this form or upload a photo of the jewelry of your dreams here, and we will get right back!
Can I put a piece of jewelry on hold?
We are happy to keep your favorite jewelry on hold for 48 hours.
What is your return policy?
All unworn jewelry can be returned to us within two weeks for a full refund.
Can you provide custom packaging?
Yes, we are happy to provide custom packaging for all occasions. Let us know what you are thinking of and we will do our best to make it happen. There may be a nominal fee. Contact us for details.
Can you educate me on diamonds?
Ofcourse – you can set-up a complimentary 20 minute call with us to learn the fundamentals. Contact us to set-up a phone or in-person appointment.
Do you offer financing?
Currently we do not offer any financing options.
When do you have a SALE?
We don’t believe in marking up the prices and then having a sale. We feel this is unnecessary and can be confusing for many of our customers.
What countries do you currently ship in?
We can ship jewelry within the United States (excluding U.S. Virgin Islands) and India. We do not ship to PO Boxes.
Will I be charged sales tax?
By law, we are required to collect sales tax. For a jewelry purchase, sales tax will be calculated based on State Laws For gold bullion (coin) purchases of greater than $1500 are exempted from sales tax in the State of California. State laws are subject to change and vary by state. Contact us if you have questions
Do you currently offer jewelry insurance?
We can provide you with the necessary diamond certificates for you to obtain insurance from your insurance agent.


When is a good time to buy gold?
Gold prices are subject to change based on market conditions. We are happy to provide you with a price quote at anytime. Just call us at +1-408-915-7518.
Is gold a good investment?
It depends on your investment strategy. Some people purchase gold to make jewelry in the future and others invest in gold for long-term savings. If you believe gold prices will increase significantly in the future, this may be a good investment for you.
Do you buy gold (or any other precious metals)?
Do you buy gold (or any other precious metals)?


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