Did something you purchased from us break?

Don’t worry. We’ll do our best to help you get it fixed.

Sampat Jewellers is pleased to offer professional resizing and repair services on jewelry that was purchased directly from us. 

For most repair requests, we charge a flat fee of $180.00. This fee helps cover shipping and insurance charges both ways.

To submit a repair request please follow the steps below.

Request a Repair

  1. Kindly complete the repair request form in its entirety and pay the repair fees as applicable. You will get an email for your records upon completion.
  2. Place the piece in the Sampat Jewellers jewelry box or any other jewelry box that is well-cushioned. Make sure the jewelry is securely protected.
  3. Next place the jewelry box inside a mailing box. 
  4. We will email you a  prepaid shipping label. You will need to affix the shipping label on the mailing box. 
  5. Allow approximately 4-6 weeks for the repairs to be completed and receive it back in the mail.