Owner and Designer

I married into the family of a diamond jeweler. My father-in-law has been creating high-quality, high-value Indian diamond jewelry for his clients in Mumbai since 1977. My immediate and extended families were one of his first clients. It was through this relationship I met my husband.

During our wedding, my in-laws gifted me several pieces of gold and diamond jewelry including my mangalsutra (Indian wedding chain). Although the jewelry pieces were exquisite, I was not able to wear most of them after moving to the United States. The jewelry was too traditional or too dressy for daily wear. It was stored in the bank safe and rarely worn.

The designer in me and my conceptual thinking was at work. It occured to me that women in western countries were looking for modern mangalsutras that aligned with their modern lifestyles.

This led me to start designing and creating modern mangalsutras with a traditional touch at my father-in-law’s studio in Mumbai, India. I have been having a lot of fun creating unique and timeless designs that my customers continue to cherish.

A Look Inside Our Design Studio

Our artisans bring jewelry to life. We couldn’t deliver fine jewelry without our artisans. They artfully set each and every gem on the gold. They polish the finished jewelry to make it sparkle.

Most of our artisans are from West Bengal. But they currently work at our studio in Mumbai.


At the most fundamental level, diamond quality and size is what makes us your favorite fine jewelry brand. We source the finest quality, white diamonds with a lot of sparkle and lustre.

Our standard diamond quality is G/H color, VS clarity, and Excellent, Full cut on the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) diamond grading scale.

We maximize our sourcing efforts for best diamond color, clarity and cut that is easy on the wallet. Our goal is to provide the most value to our clients with all their diamond jewelry purchases.


Our Team

Sudhir started the company in 1977 and leads all diamond and gem sourcing initiatives. He’s an expert in finding the rare, beautiful diamonds that sparkle for eternity.

His Belief: Everyone is a good person, if you are a good person

Fun Fact: He only wears white shirts unless he is on vacation


Kunal met his wife Jinal through his dad Sudhir. Jinal’s family and extended family have been buying Indian diamond jewelry from Sudhir for over two decades. So when Sudhir introduced Kunal and Jinal to each other, they quickly said “Yes” to the wedding proposal.

In his current role, Kunal leads content marketing efforts for the Sampat Jewellers team. He also provides strategic and operational guidance.

Kunal received his undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from University of Massachusetts Lowell and graduate degree in Nonprofit Administration from University of San Francisco.

His Belief: Continuous learning should be the #1 priority

Fun Fact: In his free-time, Kunal enjoy raising a flock of backyard chickens.

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