The Minimalist Guide to Finding the Right Nose Rings

Nose Pins, Nose Studs, Nath, Nathni, Nose Hoops –  there are many names to it and they also come in different styles.

It can be confusing at first to decide what style may look best on you based on your face shape and personal style. In this article we will be showing you some really great nose ring examples that you pick based on your face shape.

Significance of Nose Rings:

Nose ring is worn by by both married and unmarried women. Nose ring worn during marriage is traditionally known as a symbol of married women. But these days it is common to see people wear it for fashion and style. Nose pins can be enjoyed on special occasions or can be everyday wear.

Diamond Nose Studs

If this is your first time wearing a nose pin and have been wanting to try one.

These are some really great options. It comes in different precious metals like white gold, yellow gold, rose gold.

Many people have some sort allergy when it comes to metals mixed with nickel and especially after piercing it.

It can be painful and ugly. Best is to use gold or platinum if you have any metal allergies. Below are some of the most popular and gorgeous styles that you should consider.

Rose Gold Diamond Nose Stud

18K rose gold diamond nose stud

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White Gold Diamond Nose Stud

18K White Gold Diamond Nose Stud

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Yellow Gold Diamond Nose Stud

18K yellow gold diamond nose stud

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Nose pin is press style nose accessory. Its delicate and easy to put it.

You can try many different styles with it but most popular are the plain yellow gold pin with your favorite gemstone like, ruby, emerald, sapphire, turquoise is very popular as well.

Below are some examples that our Bollywood celebrities have been wearing.

Gold and diamond nose pin

Classic Nose Rings

Nose rings are basically a round loop that about the size that touches your nose.

I love this as it a style that will definitely look amazing on modern outfits, on traditional wear or even at work. It has a chic style.

Honestly if I try to pierce my nose ever this will be my go to style. It also looks great on any face type round, oval and square. There are also some press options available if you don’t want to permanently pierce your nose.

Classic Nose Ring

Diamond Nose ring



Deepika padukone_aishwarya rai_minisha lamba_Nose pins

Nose Hoop Ring

Modern nose ring

Nose hoop rings have been a fashion statement these days as you may as observed.

Something about them is so ethnic and still can be give a really modern look with just what you are pairing it with.

Some of the pictures below try to show some of ways you can wear a hoop ring if you are attending a wedding event or a party without looking like a bride.

Hope they will inspire you in some ways.

Kundan hoop nose ring and Diamond Hoop Nose Ring

Diamond Nose Hoop


Diamond Nose Hoop Ring

This is a really timeless design that we specialize in.

You can wear it for your own wedding and also other weddings in the family.

In our family we always opt for such a diamond nose ring as its classy and extremely sophisticated.

Feather Nose Hoop

Gold and diamond nose ring indian
Nose pins Bridal

Fancy Bridal Naths

Nose rings for a bride is probably one of the most important piece of jewelry.

Although you can go as big as you want but you have to feel comfortable and be able to carry it.

The folk belief if that the bigger the nose ring more wealthier you are.

Bipasha Basu during her wedding this year wore this amazing nose ring that flaunted her Bengali looks.

Bridal Nath_Pearl
Bridal nose hoop ring shilpa shetty

Well there are many nose rings styles that you can consider, I hope this post will help you to understand what style you love the most.  

If there is anything you are looking for, please send me an email at

I’d love to make a special nose jewelry for you.

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  1. Sk
    August 26, 2016

    I am interested in the feather hoop diamond nose ring! I live in the bay area – do you have it in the lical store here that i can go pick?

    • Jinal Sampat
      August 27, 2016

      Hi, Thank you for your message. We are happy to help you feather hoop diamond nose ring. We are based in San Jose. We have a office in San Jose as we are direct manufactures of diamond jewelry. I you would wish to meet with us you can set up a time here. or call me at (408)713-1318. Thank you, Jinal

  2. Lily Camila
    October 28, 2016

    nose ring number 2 just beautiful !

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    September 7, 2017

    I like hoop nose rings. Can you please tell me the price range for the same.

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    February 16, 2018

    The nose ring is the new trade of fashion. Nowadays every traditional function every lady is wearing nose pin as a fashion. Your blog designs are awesome.

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    The Collection is trendy. Beautiful collection.

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    February 27, 2021

    I liked the diamond feather hoop nose ring. What is the cost of the ring? I want to buy it.

  7. Sher
    July 12, 2021

    What if you don’t want to pierce your nose but you want to wear the feather hoop nose ring?

  8. Kausar Firdous
    September 15, 2021

    I want white diamond pierced nose ring in gold with a latkan red colour stone is it possible for you to provide

    • Jinal Sampat
      September 19, 2021

      Hi Kausar, Yes we can help you with any customizations you need. Our team will email you with the process. Thank you

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      Hi Kausar,

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    July 5, 2023

    Nice blog post for nose pins with wonderful pictures. I really like this article; it’s very interesting and informative.

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