Nose Rings to Die For [2023]

January 8, 2023

The Minimalist Guide to Finding the Right Nose Rings Nose Pins, Nose Studs, Nath, Nathni, Nose Hoops –  there are many names to it and they also come in different styles. It can be confusing at first to […]

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Engagement Ring Buying Guide

October 9, 2022

Starting to look for an perfect engagement ring is very exciting and once you start to dig deep into the process it ends up being confusing and often a complex math problem to solve. And we know that […]

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Latest Diamond Mangalsutra Designs Trends

October 4, 2022

Mangalsutra is an important jewelry piece in a married woman’s jewelry collection.   In this article, I will be going over the Latest Mangalsutra Design Trends that you will love. Before we do that download this checklist below to […]

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Navaratna Indian Jewelry – Meaning and Designs

March 31, 2017

Navaratna Indian Jewelry has a very interesting history from ancient India. It’s believed that the Hindu universe consists of seven planets and two “nodes”. Together these are loosely referred to as nine planets. Each of the nine planets […]

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Necklaces & Necklines

October 2, 2016

Let’s agree on this – not every necklace goes on every outfits. With this guide, it will be very easy of you to put together a stunning look.These looks apply to both traditional and modern outfits.    

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Alternative To Solitaires

July 10, 2016

Solitaires are amazingly beautiful large single diamonds, usually greater than 0.5 carat. Solitaire diamonds are used to make engagement rings, earrings and necklace jewelry pieces. A sparkling solitaire diamond can wow almost anyone. They are inherently romantic, elegant […]

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