Solitaires are amazingly beautiful large single diamonds, usually greater than 0.5 carat. Solitaire diamonds are used to make engagement rings, earrings and necklace jewelry pieces. A sparkling solitaire diamond can wow almost anyone. They are inherently romantic, elegant and evergreen. This makes solitaire diamond jewelry one of the most sought after pieces, especially for wedding anniversaries and birthdays.

Why We Love Solitaires

Solitaire diamond jewelry pieces are versatile and can go with all types of outfits. You can wear them on everyday denim, skirts, a western dress or a traditional Indian outfit. What makes them even more appealing is that they don’t look out of place at the gym or hike. Personally we love to wear them everyday and everywhere.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

― Clare Boothe Luce

The Problem

Since solitaire diamonds are single stones usually greater than 0.5 carat, they are more expensive than smaller diamonds. But we wanted everyone to enjoy the beauty of solitaire diamonds. We took on the price challenge on ourselves, put our creative minds together at work to create an amazing design that gives a solitaire-like look for a fraction of the cost.

Introducing Our Most Popular Pressure Setting Technique

Many, including us have attempted to create a solitaire-like look by combining five or more single round stones. The final product looks disappointing because it’s easy to notice the separate small diamonds with a naked eye

Our newest pressure setting technique fuses four marquise and one princess cut diamonds to create an ideal solitaire-like look. The artistry is so good that it is difficult to make out that the individual diamonds. All diamonds are 100% natural from Mother Earth and carefully set on a 18K gold mount by our artisans. The entire piece is handmade from scratch making each piece unique and beautiful.

Our Favorite Jewelry Pieces

1. Stud Earrings

Each earring has a 1-carat solitaire diamond look and is elegant, evergreen and excellent choice for anyone wanting own a pair of solitaire earrings without having to spend thousands of dollars. This is one piece of must-have jewelry that we recommend to all our clients wanting to make a fashionable, daily-wear jewelry purchase.

2. Necklace

Want a wedding necklace? Consider this jewelry piece laced with solitaire-like look that won’t go out of fashion after your wedding. And the best part is that you can wear at your next Indian celebration or an office party. The entire necklace is handmade with love by our artisans on 18K gold.

3. Solitaire Ring

Single diamond solitaires are a great choice for engagement rings. However the pressure setting technique explained above can give a solitaire-like look at a fraction of a cost. We think this is a great option for couples that are just starting off their careers and also gives an option to upgrade to a single diamond solitaire at a later time.

What our customers have to say

“I am in love with these earrings I never took it off since then it’s been almost 3 months using it on daily basis I don’t see any change in color or any other problem with it” – Sri K. plus many more here.


Compared to single diamond solitaires, pressure-setted diamonds jewelry pieces can cost as low as one-tenth the price without compromising the jewelry look-and-feel. Most importantly, we don’t think pressure-setted pieces are a compromise but in fact make an excellent choice for many of our customers.

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