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In this interview, we had the honor of speaking with an award-winning, talented artist and wedding photographer, Rahul Rana.

Rahul is passionate about capturing images that tell a story and convey the raw emotion.

As a professional photographer, Rahul takes pride in doing work that makes his clients look and feel fabulous during their wedding and years to comes.

Inspired by Rembrandt, a Dutch painter, and printmaker, Rahul seeks to bring uniqueness in his work by using archival quality materials in his prints.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Rahul shares with us why a couple should have pre-wedding sessions with the photographer, his practice of photographing people through the eye of their loved ones, why it takes time to create good art and much, much, more.

Please join us in welcoming Rahul Rana to the Indian Wedding Podcast.

  • Wedding photographs are your first family heirloom
  • Creating images that are timeless
  • When choosing a wedding photographer, first the work has to speak to you, then set up a time to meet with the photographer
  • To create great art, it takes two people: the couple and the photographer
  • What to expect before and after the wedding when you work with a photographer
  • It takes time to create good art. A timeline call will help you understand how much time everything takes
  • Benefits of doing a pre-wedding a session
  • Dynamics between wedding videographer and photographer
  • How to get the best photographs for your wedding
  • Couples prefer fine art look to images, something that is unique
  • Use of drones in videography and photography, restrictions and requirements
  • Using archival quality materials in prints
  • Photos can look different from screen to screen
  • Rembrandt lighting pattern makes people look slimmer
  • Capturing the perfect moments during a wedding
  • Photographing people with the eye of their loved ones
  • The importance of a wedding planner or coordinator
  • And much more…

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Website: Rahul Rana Photo

Instagram: @rahulranaphoto

People Mentioned:

Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Dutch painter Rembrandt

Leonardo da Vinci

Resources Mentioned:

Professional Photographers of America

Wedding and Portrait Photography International

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