Pre-wedding engagement photoshoot with Peter Nguyen

In this episode, LA-based photographer, Peter Nguyen shares with us great insights on pre-wedding photoshoots (also known as engagement photoshoots).

You’ll hear Peter talk about his process for choosing a beautiful location and deciding outfits the couple will wear for the photoshoot.

We also discuss how storytelling is done for pre-wedding video shoots and how a videographer can guide you through this process.

Through his work, Peter is capturing memorable moments in photos and videos for couples cherish during their lifetime.

Please join me in welcoming Peter on the Indian Wedding Podcat.


Peter Nguyen Studio on Vimeo and Instagram

Website for  Peter Nguyen Studio

  • What is a pre-wedding (engagement) photoshoot?
  • Planning a surprise photoshoot, sometimes with a blindfold
  • A pre-planned photoshoot usually takes place after the proposal
  • Finalizing location for the engagement photoshoot
  • Certain places require a fee to be paid for the photoshoot
  • Outfits for the photoshoot and how a photographer can help you
  • Matching couple’s interest with the location for the photoshoot 
  • Bringing out the couples quirkiness and personality
  • Planning a pre-wedding photoshoot: Concept → Location → Outfit 
  • Understanding a couple’s interest in arts, music, food, hiking, etc. 
  • Putting together the couple’s story in a beautiful video format 
  • Adapting to the couple’s comfort level with speaking (recording their voice) in real-time or off-camera 
  • Mapping out stories using storyboard or mood board
  • Importance of outfit selection
  • Pre-wedding (engagement) photo shoot sets the tones for the wedding. It helps you get to know your photographer months before the wedding
  • Using pictures from the pre-wedding photoshoot for wedding invites, the wedding website, and more. 

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