Luxury Honeymoon Travel with Hao Tang

Planning an Indian wedding is not for the faint heart. 

Even if you have all the financial resources at your disposal, your wedding partners can elevate your wedding experience. 

One lesser-known wedding partner is your honeymoon travel advisor. 

Honeymoon travel planning can be stressful, even if you know how to book flights and hotels with a click of a button.

To help you plan for your luxury honeymoon, we invited Hao Tang at Besvisor on the show. 

Hao is passionate about serving his clients and helping them plan an epic honeymoon.

In this interview, Hao shares how a luxury travel advisor can help you plan your honeymoon travels. 

There is a lot that goes on with researching and planning a great honeymoon such as getting access to the finest resort amenities and planning meaningful experiences for you and your partner. 

What we loved the most about Hao is that he himself has experienced many (if not all) resort properties he recommends to his clients. 

I hope you enjoy this special conversation with Hao Tang on the Indian Wedding Podcast. 

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