Jewelry can take many forms. 

There is fine jewelry made with real diamonds and gold. 

Then there is costume jewelry made from synthetic gemstones and mixed metal.

And then there is floral jewelry made from beautiful flowers. 

In this episode, we invited Leesha Arora from Prune India to share with us everything families planning for an Indian wedding need to know about floral jewelry.

Leesha is an expert at creating vibrant floral jewelry pieces. 

She is a master of her craft and you’ll immediately fall in love with her work the minute you see her Instagram portfolio.

We had a rich conversation with Leesha about how a bride can go about finalizing floral jewelry for her wedding, Leesha’s process for creating floral jewelry, and why you should think twice before purchasing counterfeit jewelry.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Leesha Arora.

  • [2:02] Leesha’s grandmother inspires her to make floral jewelry and she started her career in the Indian wedding industry
  • [3:45] Floral jewelry for mehndi, haldi, baby showers, weddings
  • [4:12] Floral jewelry for brides, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, sister of bride, wedding guests and more
  • [5:20] Narrowing down your choices with artificial floral jewelry based on finances, look, color, and design
  • [6:52] Gota floral, all floral mostly with roses, winter bright, silk flower, bespoke jewelry
  • [8:15] Special bespoke jewelry for guests looking for unique product and experience 
  • [10:25] Planting a tree in each bride’s name, going plastic free on the entire label, cleaning up initiative 
  • [11:47] Should you make your decision just based on the price on floral jewelry? 
  • [13:01] Importance of what you want, how you want to look at your wedding, where is the jewelry coming from
  • [16:25] Diamond mangalsutra and floral jewelry designs getting copied, customer loses and so does the original artist
  • [18:45] Innovation in floral jewelry. Exploring different Indian cultures. Creating jewelry for Bengali, Punjabi, or Himachali bride
  • [20:25] Leesha’s dream is to own a fresh flower farm and creating her own floral jewelry
  • [21:55] Process to create floral jewelry including sourcing, online and offline research, sketching designs, making first handmade sample, placement of the flowers and more
  • [23:32] What to expect when you visit Prune India store in Delhi, India, her focus on floral kalita and customization based on color
  • [25:04] What is a kalita and who is it for?
  • [26:58] Flowers speak to her and inspire her to create beautiful pieces for her clients
  • [28:05] Importance of buying original and respect the creator


Floral Jewelry_Prune India

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