How to hire a wedding photographer? JSK Photography

Photography is one of the most important aspects of any wedding. If you hire the wrong photographer, chances are that you won’t have the right photos to look back and cherish your wedding memories.

In this interview, Jas and Mandy from JSK Photography, demystify the world of Indian wedding photography.

A husband and wife team, JSK photography has been covering weddings in Northern California and beyond since 2010.

In this value-packed, no-frills interview, Jas and Mandy share with us wedding photography styles, the difference between a “good” and “great” photographer, tips and tricks to get the best wedding pictures and much more.

Please join us in welcoming Jas and Mandy on the Indian Wedding Podcast.

This interview covers:

  • Photography styles include portrait, candid, traditional and documentary and why you need them all for an Indian wedding
  • Photographs tell the story of your wedding day
  • A great photographer is a fly-on-the-wall getting the best pictures when you’re relaxed
  • Introducing family members to your photographers
  • Paying for your photographer’s travel for a destination or out of state wedding
  • At a minimum, you need two photographers to cover any wedding
  • Unplugged weddings where no devices are allowed
  • Why you should have the same photographer covering the bride and groom’s side
  • How to pose for wedding photos why you have no experience posing
  • Cary Edmonson Photography and Mr. Edmonson’s influence on Jas
  • The Secret, a movie every couple should watch before their wedding day
  • Making sure you get along with your photographer


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