How a Wedding Planner Can Save You Time & Money with Vidhi Kshatriya

Are you unsure whether you need a wedding planner? Will hiring one be an extra expense, or could it actually help you save time and money? In this insightful podcast episode, we delve into what it truly means to work with a wedding planner and explore the invaluable support they can provide.

Our guest today is Vidhi Kshtritye, the founder of The Marigold Company. With a decade of experience in the wedding planning industry, Vidhi has assisted numerous couples in crafting their dream weddings. She candidly shares the secrets of working with a planner, including how they can facilitate negotiations with vendors and ensure a seamless wedding experience.

Join us as we uncover the role of wedding planners and gain valuable insights into making your special day truly magical.

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00:00 Precap

02:18 Introduction 

04:05 Vidhi’s personal story and mission 

07:37 Wedding planning tools

09.25 Importance of having family meeting with the wedding planner 

13:07 The cost to hire a wedding planner for your wedding

15:05 Do we need a wedding planner? 

17:09 How does the wedding planner help save money?

19:47 Booking a venue for the wedding with catering included vs outside catering 

21:22 Choosing the right vendors for your wedding

23:59 Using your credit card for larger wedding payments to earn points/miles

26:18 How to choose a wedding planner? 

28:47 Ideal couple 

30:30 What will a wedding planer NOT do

32:11 What Inspires Vidhi everyday

34:10 Bonus Tips and Insights from a wedding planner 

36:50 Subscribe to Indian Wedding Podcast 


With your hosts Kunal and Jinal Sampat 

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