Vegan Indian Wedding

In this episode, we explore what it takes to plan an Indian-Pakistani vegan wedding.

Veganism is not a trend or fad. It is here to stay. There are couples who do not want to consume animal products for ethical and health reasons. These couples are bringing their love and passion for vegan lifestyle to their weddings.

To learn more about vegan weddings, we invited Heer Parikh, a vegan consultant and Indian bride who planned a vegan wedding with her Pakistani husband. 

In this interview, Heer shares with us what it takes to plan a vegan wedding. We discuss everything from vegan food and wine to whether it is selfish to plan a vegan wedding.

Heer is trained in High Impact Hospitality Consulting from Vegan Hospitality, the highest standard for vegan friendly hospitality consulting, coaching, and certification worldwide. 

She is the leader of the Vegan Women of Houston Facebook group, has been invited to speak about the vegan lifestyle at several events, including radio shows, and was the President of the Vegan Committee that she launched at Direct Energy. 

Please join us in welcoming Heer to the Indian Wedding Podcast. 


Instagram: eco_conscious_vegan

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vegan indian wedding

vegan indian wedding

vegan indian wedding

vegan indian wedding


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