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There is no doubt that music touches our hearts ad soul. 

And when the music is live, performed right in front of us, we set ourselves free from the day-to-day worry and transcend into a world filled with positive emotion, joy, and abundance. 

This is the magic we get to experience at an Indian Wedding with live music. 

And today we are here to learn more from a successful songwriter and music composer, Daksh Kubba, from Canada. 

Daksh’s musical journey began prior to moving to Canada in 2004 by self-teaching himself to play the guitar. 

In this interview, we explore Daksh’s childhood years and the influence his father had on his artistic abilities. 

Right in the middle of this interview, Daksh does an impromptu music composition and shares with us his approach when it comes to composing songs for brides and grooms.

Aside from his passion for live music performance, Daksh actively creates original soundtracks with his band NaQsh.

His voice is sure to touch your soul! 

Please join us in welcoming Daksh Kubba to the Indian Wedding Podcast. 

Indian wedding live music_Daksh Kubba


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Show Notes:

  • Daksh’s journey singing and composing music and the influence his dad had on him in his childhood years
  • It is more than a performance, being responsible for creating a song that is the soul of their wedding
  • His first on-stage performance at Indian Independence Day at school as a child
  • Music isn’t yours to keep neither do you possess it
  • Custom writing songs for brides and grooms
  • NaQsh is an Indian-Pakistani band. The goal is to unite through music
  • Getting people connected to their emotions is the goal of live music
  • Finding live singers through Instagram
  • Customizing music to the match the audience’s mood 
  • Creating a playlist for brides and grooms
  • The goal is to engage people, get them dancing, change their moods through music
  • Think about how people are going to feel after listening to music
  • Transitioning from live music to DJ
  • Good sound is a MUST
  • His dream to perform at a theatre in Bombay (Mumbai) 
  • You don’t want to sit in the front row of a theatre. Instead, pick a spot within the “isosceles triangle”  

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