Understanding Diamond Quality and Gemstone Certification with Tom Shane

This episode is a special one. It’s a flashback from our efforts trying to set-up a podcast in 2016.

Back then, Jinal and I met the famous Tom Shane from Shane.co at a jewelry conference in Las Vegas.

You may have hear Tom’s ads on radio with the tagline “Now you have a friend in the jewelry business”

Tom’s speech at one of the conference events was phenomenal. I then reached out to Tom for an interview.

This is my original interview with Tom.

Although a few questions are not directly related to the Indian wedding industry, many topics are. 

For example, Tom shares with us his thoughts on gemstone certification, synthetic diamonds, and his life values and philosophy. 

An Indian wedding is incomplete without jewelry. This interview will give you an unique perspective on diamonds and gemstones. 

I hope you enjoy one of my favorite interviews of all time with Mr. Tom Shane. 

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