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Next, when asked about their level of satisfaction with Betchain Casino bonuses, 53.7% said they were “satisfied” and 46.3% said they were “dissatisfied . ” We will provide detailed reviews of each. At Betchain Casino, there are no “prohibited games” where bonuses cannot be used. More than half of the respondents said that the bonuses are “reliable” and the customer service is also highly rated with 90% of them saying that it was helpful and satisfactory.

Positive aspect of the bonus website

Also, since the bonus withdrawal conditions at Betchain Casino are basically set as low as 20 times, there were several people who said that it was easy to withdraw. In addition, there are also voices that the "" separate bonus "" that is used first from cash is easy to use. In the case of the separate type, you can use the bonus when you want to play a little more after using up the deposit amount. The timing of applying the withdrawal conditions is also after you start using the bonus , so it can be said that it is an easy-to-understand system for beginners. Among those who answered that they were dissatisfied with the bonus system, the most common opinion was “the amount is small”. At Betchain Casino website we regularly deliver campaigns such as bonuses if you deposit a certain amount or more. However, word of mouth was received saying that the amount of deposit required is high, but the bonus you receive is small.

Betchain Casino Review

Betchain Casino is an online casino that started its service in 2003 and has a track record of over 15 years of operation.

  • Rebrand of a major talented company
  • In fact, this casino, the former 10bet, has undergone a major renewal in 2021, and has been reborn as ""Betting Girl Linlin"".
  • In 2017, 10Bet Casino Australian, an independent brand for Australian people , was born, Australian language support was strengthened, and the site also came to have detailed explanations in Australia. A big topic in the industry.
  • The service has been further enhanced, such as the ability to pay in AUD , and the site has become even more interesting
  • Then let's check out the review immediately

Privacy Policy

The “Privacy Policy” on the Betchain Casino site describes how personal information is handled. Basically, if the casino is licensed and operated, you shouldn't worry too much. Experience of Betchain Casino. The difficulty is that it is difficult to use the search function on both PCs and smartphones. It can be said that it is an online casino for professionals. By the way, there is no smartphone app.

Betchain Casino Game Variety

Betchain Casino has exclusive games. You can only play at Betchain Casino, and other limited casinos! You can also play mahjong at Betchain Casino where you can play mahjong are very rare, so don't miss it! Betchain Casino already has a lot of games, but they plan to add more games in the future.

Withdrawal method using Payz

Payz is a recommended withdrawal method because it is possible to withdraw from ATMs in Australia.

  • STEP1: First, let's log in to My Account from the official website of Betting Rin.
  • STEP2: Once logged in, click My Account → Withdrawal.
  • STEP3: When the screen changes, select ""Payz"" as the withdrawal method.

Next, enter the following items.

  • Withdrawal Amount: Enter the desired amount.
  • Payz account number: Enter or select the payz account number for withdrawals.
  • Currency: Select the currency you want to withdraw.
  • Finally, click the ""Refund"" button to complete the withdrawal process.

Betchain Casino bonus information

At Betchain Casino, you can get two luxurious welcome bonuses by registering from Betchain Casino. This happy bonus that started from the official website renewal ! Let's check the details together soon Welcome cashback 20% up to 10,000 USDT.

  • At Betchain Casino, you can get 20% cashback up to 10,000 USDT after registering and making your first deposit from Betchain Casino
  • With this cashback, if you play your favorite game ( slot or live casino game) for 7 days from the day you make your first deposit, you will receive 20% of your net loss as a cashback on the 8th day .
  • The minimum cashback amount is 10 USDT and the maximum amount is 10,000 USDT (or its equivalent in other currencies).
  • Of course, since it's cashback, there are no wagering requirements o(○`ω´○)9 Immediate withdrawals are also possible!
  • Also, to receive cashback, you need to activate it by clicking the ""Participate"" button on the campaign page, so don't forget!

Reputation of betchain no deposit bonus!

Betchain Casino conducted a unique survey of 187 players using Betchain Casino to investigate their satisfaction with the following items. In this article, in addition to introducing the actual reputation and word of mouth of Betchain Casino as seen from the survey results, we also compare the differences between Betchain Casino and other online casinos. There were some bad reviews about the speed of withdrawals and the ease of earning money, but overall, it seems that many people are satisfied with Betchain Casino. In particular, there were many comments that “support is good” and “there are no difficult rules for bonuses,” so it can be said that it is an betchain no deposit bonus that is easy to recommend for beginners.

  • "If you can win and escape well, you'll get a passing mark Verification at Betchain Casino
  • Unfortunately, the result of Hawaiian Dream verified by Betchain Casino is the lowest as a final balance.
  • However, there were good times along the way, and if we could have won and escaped, we could have secured a profit of $100 or more , so we ended up in 3rd place
  • Verification at Betchain Casino was not very good.
  • There was no timing to exceed the war funds, and the final balance ended in a large minus.
  • Both “RESPIN” and “Free Spins” have few events, and the image is that 250 spins have been completed in a matter-of-fact manner.


In 2021, the name was changed from the old 10bet to ""Betting Girl Linlin"". Although there was quite a stir in the industry, the popularity remained unchanged and it has become a familiar casino as ""Bet Rin"". There are plenty of services for Australia, and you can enjoy casinos and sports, so it is recommended for everyone. If you haven't registered yet, register and make a deposit and get your bonus right away!