My husband took me to Sampat Jewellers on my birthday, it was a surprise. He had called Jinal that he has to surprise me in spite of the appointment she had already, tried to squeeze us while they were waiting for the person to come.

Trust me it took me hardly 10 mins to get these diamond earrings. Jinal was very keen that I should get the perfect earrings that match me and finally I decided what to buy and I even put the earrings on right there itself.

I am in love with these earrings I never took it off since then its been almost 3 months using it on daily basis I don’t see any change in color or any other problem with it. It’s our pleasure we get to meet Jinal and Kunal. It was very last minute and Thank you so much for helping my husband to make it a surprise.

Even when we were there the gentlemen who had his appointment drove all the way from Palo alto waited for us and I believe it was his first time there and wanted to buy a ring for his wife as a surprise (All these men are in a surprise spree and of course Jinal and Kunal are making it happen).

He was very patient while Jinal was wrapping me a birthday card( so thoughtful) and Kunal with the payment process. I told him right away you have come to the right place, your wife is going to so happy.

Hardly 15 to 20 mins we are out from there with my surprise gift even I worn it Jinal helped me put it on. I would never forget that day it was very very special. Our 4 yr old son was with us he was a handful that day Jinal was so polite and lovable to him I felt like I was in a sister’s place. Kunal despite him being busy he took my son to their backyard to show the chickens.

Sorry for a big write up, I would surely recommend Sampat Jewellers. I am very glad my husband found them, but he has to worry too i guess because I am gonna have to meet Jinal often hereafter! –Sri K.