My review on the Arch earrings, which is long overdue.  I was on FB and saw a blogger named Christina Davis Patel modeling the Arch earrings. I knew immediately when I saw the photos I had to have these earrings for myself.

I sent a direct message to Sampat jewelers and got a reply instantly stating I can order them online with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed return policy. Customer service is truly shown in all aspects of this business.

I saw she was a local bay area business and I arranged to meet Jinal (owner and designer). She was so pleasant and enthusiastic to show me the arch earrings and many of her other custom jewelry lines. Her passion for jewelry and design clearly shows in her all her jewelry.

I knew I was going to buy the arch earrings even before I arrived to meet Jinal.
Jinal is so patient and wanted to ensure I loved the arch earrings and asked me to try the pair along with some other custom pieces she had pulled aside for me to compare. I felt she didn’t pressure me into purchasing anything I did not love.
The warmth in her customer service really drew me into her jewelry line.
I am in love that she can customize and re- purpose existing jewelry creating a unique piece of art to wear.

Jewelry to Jinal is a piece you should completely love and wear as an extension of you. Quality and customization is just part of her business. I look forward to working with her in the future.

Side note: She makes custom children’s jewelry, which is a rare find locally.