I found out about Sampat Jewellers on Yelp when I saw that someone got a custom mangalsutra made. I had shopped at a few jewelers in the Bay Area, but wasn’t happy with any of the selection as it was so limited. My only other option was to wait until I went to India. But then, I found Sampat Jewellers. Jinal listened to my needs and helped me figure out the ideal look for my lifestyle and my personality. We met in person a few times, and she emailed me sketches before sending the order to the jewelers to have the pieces made. When I opened the box, my mangalsutra took my breath away. It was the perfect blend of traditional Indian elements coupled with the modern lifestyle I love. Jinal was able to understand me, and give me a piece that will last a lifetime. If you want a piece that is very personal that you know you will not find at any jeweler, then work with Sampat Jewellers. Christina D.