August_Birthsone_ peridot

August_Birthsone_ peridot


Peridot is one gemstone that has an truly amazing story. We don’t hear about peridot enough when we talk about gemstones. You are definitely going to find this interesting. Peridot is a birthstone for the month of August. Peridot jewelry is also given as a gift for 16th  wedding anniversary. But if you love green, this is defiantely a gemstone to consider. Peridot is one of the gemstones to occur in only one color – olive green Let get started.

How they were found?

Have you ever heard of green sand beaches? Yes, they exist and have a close tie to how peridots are formed. Peridot beach (Mahana beach) in Hawaii, is one of the rare green sand beaches in the world. The rich mineral found on this beach is called olivine, also known as peridot. The beach is on the southern tip of the Big island of Hawaii.  It’s basically one of the crystals to form as the volcanic magma cooled down. If I ever get a chance to visit Hawaii, this is definitely going to be in my itinerary as the beach looks gorgeous. Locals call Peridot,  the “Hawaiian Diamond” as it is so readily available.

Green Sand Beach in Hawaii
Green Sand Beach in Hawaii

Peridot Beaches

Below are some of the locations from where peridots come from are:

  1. Zabargad, Red Sea in southern Egypt
  2. Mogok, Upper Myanmar
  3. Arizona, USA
  4. Big Island, Hawaii, USA

Peridot Locations on Map

Important considerations while buying Peridot:

Color:  Of all the shades available, the most valued shade is richly saturated green to slightly yellowish green that’s free from any brown shades. Cut: Cut is the way a gemstone is cut to give it the most beautiful appearance. It is available in many cutting styles and shapes to choose from. If the gemstone doesn’t sparkle after its cut properly, that’s probably not a good gemstone. Look out gemstones that has some level of spark and depth. Clarity: Since these are natural gemstones it’s going to have some imperfections. But the highest quality stones do not have any impurities with naked eye. Inclusions common in peridot are reflective, disk-shaped inclusions called “lily pads”. Carat:  Who doesn’t like bigger stones? The best quality, high valued gemstones are usually 10 carats or higher. But one can readily find smaller stones at reasonable prices.   4c's peridot

Interesting ways to incorporate Peridot in your jewelry:

Idea 1: Mothers Ring

We recently made this ring for a mom with two daughters incorporating the birthstones of the daughters and the mom. We love how this came out to be. It is going to be meaningful for the mom and also provide a story for the daughters to share with their friend.

Idea 2: A simple pendant that can be also worn as head tikka as a birthday gift/ 16th wedding anniversary.

If you are looking to buy gemstone jewelry that is beautiful and more meaningful, having a peridot pendant in your jewelry box is a must have. It’s radiant olive green color touches on the the earthy side of your personality yet giving is a playful touch. Try to pair it with plain khakis, white shirt or any tradioniation outfit, It can be the most appropriate piece for some of the Mehndi nights/ Henna events. Yes, get your creative juices flowing as you can do a lot with this pretty shade of green.

Idea 3: Have it in your mangalsutra

Getting married in August? You can incorporate it into your mangalsutra. Green is such an auspicious color for many cultures. Below is one design in which you can check for yourself on how beautiful it can be.

Idea 4: Ear Jackets to die for

Ear jackets, like most of you, is my favorite as well. You can have peridot stud as the center gemstone and then have diamonds around it. I think this is a great way to incorporate your birthstone in interestings ways in your fine jewelry collection. Do you have other ideas? Let us know, what is something that you always wished for in your jewelry.  We can help you create it. Fill out this form here and we can get started.


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