Jewelry is the most important thing for dressing up a bride and to be ready for the big day. But many of us don’t know the actual significance of every piece that a bride wears.  Through this article, we want to make every bride/women understand the significance so she can really appreciate the beauty of various jewelry!

1.Tika: Maang Tika is considered one of the prime accessories for brides. It is supposed to rest on the center of the forehead, which is the 6th Chakra in Hindu mythology. As it’s placed in the center, it also signifies one’s ability to control emotions and give the power of concentration. More importantly it implies the union of female with the male in nature at all levels including physical. This is specifically associated with women about to get married and enter a new phase of life.

2. Nath (Nose pin): Nose stud or ring is worn by both married and unmarried Hindu women. The significance of the nose stud varies from region to region. In certain Hindu sects, a nose ring is worn during marriage and is a symbol of married woman. In some cultures, the size of the nose ring implies the amount of wealth a family possesses.


3. Jhumkha (Earrings): From earliest times long ear lobes have been regarded as a sign of spiritual development and superior status. The purpose of wearing earrings is not only for beauty and adornment but also to protect from evil influences. Wearing of large earrings also is supposed to have some therapeutic value. In certain places, ear piercing was believed to be good for the eyes; it also sharpened the mind and drew off ‘bad humors’.

4. Necklace: Necklaces are often worn near the heart. Their purpose is to strengthen our emotions and love. For instance, by wearing a necklace of a stone it is believed that we are binding ourself to the stone’s powers and the magical properties assigned to it. A necklace also is believed to have a purpose of distracting the viewer from the wearer’s body and thus protecting her from the mysterious wicked eye.

2Nose ring

5. Kada (Bangles) :  Made of any material that showcases the supreme craftsmanship by using shell, copper, bronze, gold, diamonds and silver and almost any material. These circlets symbolize the potent energy of the sun.

6. Baju Bandh (Armlet): Different types of Baju Bandh are worn in different parts of India. “Baju” means arm and “Bandh” is covering. It is the symbol of strength and position of the kings and queens and symbolizes great power and strength.


7. Wedding Ring: The wedding ring, worn on the second finger of the left hand, is a priceless ornament. Ancient Romans believed that the vein in that finger runs directly to the heart.

8. Payal (Anklet): Anklet is worn just above the foot joint.  By wearing silver regularly, it is said that silver is absorbed through the skin. This has a pain-relief effect in such a way that it increases blood circulation and also reduces muscle pain


9. Kamarbandh (Waist Band ): This is my favorite of all. It is the most sensual of all the ornaments. This waist belt attracts attention towards the sensual navel area, highlighting the thin waist of a woman. It can be made of silver or gold with diamonds and gemstones. It is also used by women to keep a check on fat accumulation around their belly.  Such simple measure used by women in ancient times and today we rely on weighing machines.

10. Bichhiya (Toe ring) : It’s not only a sign that the woman is married, it’s also science. Indian Vedas say that by wearing this in both feet, it is believed that their menstrual cycle course is regularized with even intervals. This gives good scope for conceiving to married women.  It is usually made of silver. It being a good conductor as it absorbs the energy from the polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body, thus refreshing the entire body system.


We hope this article will generate some ideas and encourage you to wear these ornaments. Due to western influence we may tend to not wear some of these pieces. But it would be great if we incorporated some, if not all, of this jewelry in our everyday life.  Our mission is to provide versatile jewelry to every woman who wants to wear the western outfit with a hint of Indian tradition.



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