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Sometime we run into a couple where they were in the process for finding the best right wedding band for the groom-to-be. He was saying he designed the ring for his significant other and put a lot of effort and thought in that. But when it came to selecting a wedding band for himself it was hard.

Jewelry styles and designs vary a lot based on culture and origin of the couple. At the same time the world is getting more globalized and coherent thus what you like may not be the style your family is used to seeing. It okay to try new things, but it’s beautiful only when the ring touches your heart and means something to you.

You can choose any type of metal or stone that you love. To give you an idea some cultures like South Indians and Maharashtrian may prefer yellow gold, Gujaratis prefer yellow gold with diamonds, Western cultures like white gold or platinum, Russians are in the favor of rose gold. Today millennials are also being a bit experimental with wood, titanium and palladium.

To solve that problem we have these major trends we adore and you will love as well.

Let’s get started.

  1. Textured Rings

These rings work really well for a person who is not afraid to try new things. A variety of textures or patterns can be created on a ring in ways that are meaningful to you. Some of the ideas include an engraving or geometric pattern that repetitive  throughout the band. This refers to a modern and playful approach to design.

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Textured rings also reflect a balanced style if someone wants a little bit of a drama and characteristic to the ring. Below is a great ring that softens the masculine nature of a man to give more depth and personality.

Textured Linear is definitely one of my personal favorites with the right amount of texture, matt finish and the shiny edges that steal my heart. The linear textured lines give it a very sophisticated and a unique look. Click here to find the price

2. Diamond Rings

I know when we talk about diamonds for men’s wedding band most of you are a bit reluctant. But hey, why not? Diamonds are supposed to be the symbol of love, the man who love a little bit of sparkle should defiantely go for some himself.  Diamonds are also April birthstone and supposed to be good for the person born in April. One of the styles we love is the Solo Diamond Ring below.
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Diamond rings vary in shapes and sizes based on number of diamonds but somewhere in my heart a single diamond ring is the go to style if you love diamonds. The style below has a gorgeous shine on the metal, extremely elegant and clean.
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3. Colors he loves

We typically do not think of colored gemstones when you think about wedding bands. This get very exciting when the groom wants to show his personality with colorful gemstones. The gemstones can be his birthstones or his significant other’s birthstone. Some people prefer gemstone rings for astrological reasons as well. Below are two most popular gemstones for men – Blue Sapphires and Black Diamonds that are hugely popular and adorable choice. Click here to find the price

What are Black Diamonds? They are real diamonds filled with dark inclusions mostly graphite. They are like any other colored diamonds. Due to high price of black diamond, most black diamonds you see in retail stores are treated to enhance their color, either with irradiation or heat treatment. The price of  black diamond is lower than white diamonds, mainly because they are lower quality white diamond that have been treated to turn black.
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4. Dual tone

Dual tone has been very popular as well. Its simple and sophisticated look is loved and considered by all cultures and ages. This is one style that is timeless and will look great many years from now
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5. Majestic rings

Majestic rings are meant to be full of a little bling and glamour. Well, who said guy can’t wear diamond. We ran into this stylish guy at the airport sporting a gorgeous diamond ring.
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6. Couple rings

We understand that this is the first time the couple must be buying something special for one another. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they match? Here is an example of platinum rings that are a perfect pair to match the wedding bands. The design is so versatile that both male and female can pull it off in a beautiful and  different way. Definitely a style to consider for all the couples who love to match.
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To conclude, there are many more options available in wood and other metals, but we still love the gold and platinum bands as they will never go out style, are durable and desirable metals to make jewelry. Hope you got some good ideas for the mens weddings bands. There are some other great options available in our shop. All the pieces we carry are well curated and of top quality. If you have any questions you can email us here

2 Thoughts on "Breathtaking Men’s Wedding bands to die for"

  1. AvatarAvatarAvatar
    June 15, 2016

    These are great! It’s nice to see that men can have so many choices too!

    • AvatarAvatarAvatar
      SJ Team
      June 20, 2016

      Thanks Salma. Yes, Men wearing diamonds is getting more and more adopted. Jewelry for men doesn’t have to be boring 🙂

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