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A pair of the perfect diamond stud earrings are a must have in your jewelry box. If you are a girl who wants to look fabulous but does not have the time or prefers not to change earrings every day, this article is for you.

We will breakdown step by step to help you buy the perfect diamond ear studs.  In this article we will be talking about real ear studs and not fashion jewelry.

Why do you need diamond ear studs?

First of all it’s a timeless piece of jewelry that never goes out of style. I literally mean NEVER.

That being said, it’s a jewelry piece that almost all age groups can wear effortlessly. Stud earrings come in a wide variety of price points and styles. You can wear almost everyday and still not get bored of it.

I myself wear a simple diamond ear studs every day and sometimes even to formal parties because they look so great and kind of make my life extremely easy and beautiful.

So let get started on things you need to think about when buying diamond ear studs.

1. Types of ear studs

First and foremost make up your mind if you want a single stone look or have a design with multiple stone to create some type of a design. This will make your life easier and help you narrow down your choices.

Single Stone Ear Studs

There are some excellent choices you can go for like simple plain diamond studs. These are timeless and come in multiple sizes and shapes.

The other option is to use colored gemstones as a ear stud. They look stunning and add color to your everyday jewelry. Or you can use pearl as a ear studs.

Diamond ear studs

Multiple Stone Options

There are lots of designs you can choose from. Because you can choose a design with just plain diamonds, or different gemstones or have both.

This can get really exciting as you can have a ear stud that is a symbol of something you believe in. It can be completely abstract. Below are some designs to give you an idea of design options available to you.

Perfect Diamond Stud Earrings

No Stone Option

If you don’t want diamonds, colored gemstones or pearls, you can choose to have gold ear studs. It can be in any design as well.

Gold ear studs

We’ll do a deep dive on all these options further down in this article.

2. Budget

Once you know what you style you are looking for, you’ll want to decide how much are you willing to spend. This is a tricky question because diamond and gemstones have a wide price range based on retailer selling (brand), design, quality and craftsmanship.

But for the sake of narrowing it down and making it easy to understand, the ear studs with single diamond or single gemstone will be more expensive.


Because one large stone costs more than multiple smaller stones. If you have a single diamond it will have to be a certain size to look good.  

Let’s consider an example to explain this point. For 1 carat diamond ear studs, a cluster of ten 0.1 carat diamonds will be significantly cheaper than one 1.0 carat diamond.

A pair of ear studs can be 0.1 carat to over 3.0 carats. The price range would vary from $500 to $30,000. So its is extremely crucial to set a budget before hand.

3. Type of Ear Studs – Deep Dive

Now that you have an understanding of the types of ear studs you like and your budget, you can start exploring design and style options.
In this section, we’ll cover types of ear studs in detail to help you narrow down choices and also inspire you with modern designs.

Plain Diamond Solitaire Studs

Plain diamond solitaire studs come in a variety of sizes. The chart below will give you an idea about the diamond stud sizes with respect to carat weight and diameter.

Plain diamond solitaire studs are extremely timeless pieces and hold value over time if the purchase top quality diamonds.

diamond stud comparison diagram

Diamond studs also come in many shapes like round, princess, marquise, heart, emerald cut and pear. You can choose any shape and and size depending on what you love and how much you want to spend.

Gemstone Ear Studs

Gemstone ear studs are a more fun option. Not only will you a wide variety of gemstones to pick from but also each gemstone will different hue, tone and color saturation.

You can choose your birthstone or your favorite gemstone that suits your personality. Natural gemstones like emeralds, rubies, blue and yellow sapphires, amethyst and opal are all excellent choices.  

Below are most popular gemstone ear studs:

Gemstone Ear Studs

Combination Ear Studs: Gemstones And Diamonds

If you love color and also sparkly nature of a diamond, these type of stud earrings are a perfect choice.

Diamond and gemstone ear studs

Pearl Ear Studs

Pearl ear studs have been an awesome choice for a woman who is mesmerized by the glow of a pearl. It looks extremely simple and rich.

There is a wide variety of pearl’s available. But if you would like to learn more about pearls I recommend you do some research before getting them. Most commonly found pearls are freshwater pearls.
Below are examples of plain pearl ear studs and a halo-style pearl ear studs.

Pearl Ear Studs

Cluster Diamond Ear Studs

These can be clusters of diamonds to create a simple and elegant designs. There are many design options available with this style.

Below we have a few of our favorite styles that we would highly recommend for a everyday wear.

Pressure setting diamond ear studs

Plain Gold Ear Studs

Plain gold ear studs are basically studs that do not have diamonds, gemstones or pearls incorporated in the design. It is simply a design made up of plain gold. It could either be white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. You can also decide if you want 14K gold or 18K gold.

Below are some styles to give you inspirations and design options:

Plain gold ear studs

Designer Ear Stud Options – Ear Jackets

In this category I’d like you think outside the box.

If you’re a person who loves to stand out and have your own style, ear jackets are an excellent choice.
They are so versatile. For everyday wear, you can only wear the ear stud. But if you want to dress up for a special occasion you can just add a ear jacket. They are pretty and practical.

Diamond Ear Jackets

4. Find A Trusted Jeweler

When you are looking to buy real diamond or gemstone jewelry it’s very important to find a trusted jeweler.

If you want tips on how to find a jeweler you can trust, check out our blog on this topic.

5. Screw Details For Ear Studs

So once you have made up your mind on what design you would like and where would you like to get them from, you want to pay attention to the finer details. The details are what make a great piece of jewelry

When it come to ear studs it’s the post and the fittings. Everyone has a particular preference based on their ear piercing or past experiences.

Ear studs screw types

There are three types of screws for the back of the earring:

Screw Threads:

This option is my personal favorite because they will never come off unless you unscrew them. They may take a little longer to put them on, but once they are screwed in tight, they are secured and you don’t have to worry about losing your earrings.

Push Back Screws:

These screws are basically a push type mechanism. Very easy to put on and remove. These are not so secure, especially if you were to wear ear studs every day and don’t take them off at all.

Cap Screws:

This type of fitting is popular with kids ear studs. There is a flat back that protects the wearer from getting hurt with a pointed post. This is also a great option if you need something tight, secure and safe.  

So I hope you found this article helpful. Now you can choose the perfect ear stud for yourself or your loved one.

To summarize below are some of the important takeaways:

  1. Understand if you would like a diamond, colored gemstone, pearl, plain gold stud or a combination of these.
  2. Make sure you have a budget and know how much you want to spend as there is a wide spectrum in terms of pricing.
  3. Pay attention the details and screw back styles that suit you the most.
  4. Follow your heart and see what works best for you.  This is an investment and an extremely important piece of jewelry in every woman’s life.  


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