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Modern jewelry inspired by Indian craftsmanship and aesthetics is hard to find! Our definition of modern jewelry is quite straightforward.

Modern jewelry is a beautiful collection of one or more jewels that you’ll never store in the bank safe. Instead, you can wear it everyday, everywhere for your entire life.

When we started the business in 1977, our focus was to create handmade jewelry using the best raw materials.

We were picky about sourcing each and every diamond, just to be sure the diamonds had the same look and feel decades later. Each piece of jewelry was carefully made by our team of artisans.

We build our brand with no offices or websites. Just old fashioned word of mouth and client trust (an important magical ingredient in our lives)!

What Sets Us Apart

Our brand is built on four pillars. Each pillar has it’s own merit. But the real magic happens when we deliver exceptionally well on all four counts.

Exceptional Diamond, Gemstone and Gold Quality


Diamond Quality

At the most fundamental level, diamond quality and size is what makes us your favorite fine jewelry brand. We source the finest quality, white diamonds with a lot of sparkle and lustre.

Our standard diamond quality is G/H color, VS clarity, and Excellent, Full cut on the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) diamond grading scale.

But how does our “standard” compare against other diamonds being sold at the shopping mall near your house?

Majority of fine jewelry sold in the United States is I color, SI clarity and Excellent Single cut. You can check this for yourself.

On the GIA scale, G/H color is better than I color, VS clarity is better than SI clarity and Excellent Full cut is better than Excellent single cut. Single cut diamond have 16-17 facets versus full cut diamonds have 56-57 facets. More facets a diamond has, it means more sparkle for you. In fact many diamond cutters, opt for single cut diamonds with 16-17 facets to reduce wastage and increase their profits.

Put it simply, we take a holistic approach with our diamonds. We maximize our sourcing efforts for best diamond color, clarity and cut that is easy on the wallet. Our goal is to provide the most value to our clients with all their diamond purchases.

Gem Quality

We know you buy gemstone because you find the gemstone colors mesmerizing or you need one for astrology purposes.

When you buy gems from us you can be sure about two things:

Our gems are natural unless advertised otherwise
Our gems are either precious or semi-precious

But you ask, what’s the difference between precious and semi-precious gemstone?

According to U.S. Geological Survey, a precious gemstone has beauty, durability and rarity, whereas a semiprecious gemstone has only one or two of these qualities.

Our diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, topaz, and opal are precious and natural gemstones.

All other gemstones as semiprecious and natural.

Each gem has it’s own story to tell with it’s vivid colors and beautiful clarity. In some cases, heat and oil
treatment is necessary to enhance the color of the gem.

Gold Quality

The purest form is gold is 24K. But pure gold is “too soft” to make fine jewelry. Our artisans melt pure gold ore with other metals such as copper, palladium and silver to make 14K, 18K and 22K gold.

Our standard is 18K gold in all our jewelry pieces with the exception of chains, which are 22K gold. Gold chains need to be more flexible and hence softer gold is needed to ensure the chains don’t snap.

All our jewelry pieces are made with solid gold. Simply speaking, we don’t make gold-plated, silver or
sterling silver jewelry.

Versatile Designs

The best quality diamonds, gemstones and gold quality are the basic building blocks for a beautiful piece of Indian jewelry.

But we don’t stop there. We want jewelry designs to reflect our times, our generation. Times have changed. Nobody wears sarees everyday. Therefore our fine jewelry designs need to evolve as well.

What use is fine jewelry if it can only be worn on traditional outfits but not on western wear (or viceversa)?
Think of a piece of jewelry you have lying around in your bank safe or in a drawer at home. When was the
last time you wore it? Does your existing Indian jewelry give you joy?

We design each piece to make it versatile for everyday casual wear or special occasions. You can wear our fine jewelry on Indian and western outfits.

In fact, we’re so serious about design that we have a dedicated team that focuses on jewelry design. Our design team is led by Jinal Sampat, a Rhode Island School of Design graduate.

Complete Control from Sourcing to Making

We don’t make bold claims of knowing the source of each and every diamond or gem. The truth of the matter is that it’s impossible to know the origin of majority of the diamonds. However today, 99.8% of the diamonds come from conflict-free sources.

Unlike most other fine jewelry retailers, we own and operate the entire jewelry making process.

We personally source every single diamond and gem. We don’t outsource this to a third-party and screen every gem that makes into our jewelry pieces.

Our designs are unique, one-of-a-kind and not stolen from other designers or brands.

Every piece is handmade from scratch by our in-house team of artisans from West Bengal and Madurai,India.

We melt and mold the gold, set each diamond and gem, polish the finished piece at our studio and then ship it to you directly.

We don’t buy ready-made jewelry and resell it to you.

Simply speaking, when you buy jewelry from us, there are no middlemen, no hidden costs, and no unnecessary fees.

Return Policy That Protects You

Buying fine jewelry online can be complicated.

Will my jewelry look like the way it’s in the picture?
What if I don’t like the jewelry I ordered?
Is it safe?

We get it.

This is why we have a return policy that protects you.

You may return any item for a full refund within 14 calendar days of receiving your order. We will also cover return shipping and insurance.

Isn’t that a sweet deal!?

And the best part: our return policy also covers custom jewelry orders with the exception of diamonds

Our Specialization


Diamond Mangalsutras 

We are the world’s foremost mangalsutra brand.

Mangalsutra is an important piece of wedding jewelry – a symbol of joy, love and togetherness. A Hindu wedding is incomplete without a mangalsutra. Many brides love wearing their mangalsutra for months, years and decades after the wedding. They love flaunting their mangalsutra with pride and happiness.

But many mangalsutra designs are too traditional and don’t go well with western outfits. Therefore brides are left with no choice but lock up their mangalsutra in the bank safe.

We’ve designed a collection of versatile diamond, gemstone and gold mangalsutras for the modern bride. Our mangalsutras are handmade with 22K gold chain and real diamonds and natural gemstones.The mangalsutra pendant is made with solid 18K gold.

Our South Indian thalis are custom and handmade in Madurai, India. We don’t skimp on the gold weight, so you can expect our 22K gold thalis to be solid and beautiful.

Checkout our entire mangalsutra collection here. And if you’re looking for more information on custom mangalsutra designs, check out our mangalsutra blog page.

Want a custom mangalsutra? We can help. Click here to find out more.

Our Team


Sudhir Sampat

Sudhir started the company in 1977 and leads all diamond and gem sourcing initiatives. He’s an expert in finding the rare, beautiful diamonds that sparkle for eternity.

His Belief: Everyone is a good person, if you are a good person
Favorite Food: Butter
Fun Fact: He only wears white shirts unless he is on vacation


Jinal Sampat

When Jinal got married, she received many fine jewelry pieces including her diamond mangalsutra as gifts. After moving to the United States, she realized that she couldn’t wear her jewels as they didn’t match her western outfits.

This personal pain point prompted her to get involved in jewelry design. She started the U.S. office for Sampat Jewellers in 2013 and now leads the design team.

Jinal received her graduate degree in Landscape Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design.

Her Belief: Save conversation is key to our survival, so use it
Favorite Food: Chocolate Lava Cake
Fun Fact: She loves plants and chickens


Kunal Sampat

Kunal met his wife Jinal through his dad Sudhir. Jinal’s family and extended family have been buying Indian diamond jewelry from Sudhir for over two decades. So when Sudhir introduced Kunal and Jinal to each other, they quickly said “Yes” to the wedding proposal.

In his current role, Kunal leads content marketing efforts for the Sampat Jewellers team. He also provide strategic and operational guidance.

Kunal received his undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from University of Massachusetts Lowell and graduate degree in Nonprofit Administration from University of San Francisco.

His Belief: Continuous learning should be the #1 priority Favorite Food: Pineapple



We have the finest quality raw materials.

We have you, our finest clients.

But we couldn’t deliver fine jewelry without our artisans.

Our artisans bring jewelry to life. They painstakingly set each and every gem on the gold. They polish the finished jewelry to make it sparkle.

Almost all our artisans are from West Bengal. But they currently work at our studio in Mumbai, many of whom are hundreds of miles away from their family. But we’re trying to change this for them.

As you and I both know, family comes first.

Our vision is to relocate our artisans back back to their roots, closer to their family in West Bengal. This will allow them to have a much more fulfilling life while they continue to make fine jewelry.

The fine jewelry business needs to be a win-win for everyone including our artisans. We pay fair salaries and have created comfortable working conditions. But we need to do more.

In the coming years, our focus is to continue improving the lives our artisans and their families. Will you join us on this journey? The choice is yours to make.

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      Hi Amruta, Thanks for the compliments 🙂 We operate exclusively online and meet on appointments. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, please drop an email at

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